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Worm Castings
.The best organic soil amendment.  Available in 
1 cu ft bags ($14) , 
50 bag pallets ($650), and 
Cu yd ($150)

Gro-IT for Tomatoes
Gro-IT for Annuals
Living Canvas llc Products
We take pride in our selection of quality products. All of the products we offer are of the highest quality thus providing the best results.

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Great for tomato and other vegetable production. 
1 cu ft bags ($14), 
50 bag pallets ($650) and 
Cu yd ($150)
Designed to help you grow the best annuals ever 
1 cu ft bags ($13), 
50 bag pallets ($600) and 
Cu yd ($140)
Worm Tea kits
Coco and Balkan Peat
Worm tea works best when used within 48 hrs of mixing so get our kits and give your plants a real treat.  Each kit includes all directions for use. Small kit makes 25 gallons of worm tea, med makes 50gal, and Lg makes 75gal
sm-$10        makes 25gal
med-$15    makes 50 gal
lg-$19        makes 75gal
The best peat and mixes for best results. Optimize water use with coco peat.  50 liter and 4.45 cu yd bags.
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Make your own compost the way nature does....with worms.  
500ct ($35), 
1000ct ($60), 
2000ct ($99) and up...
no order to big.  Prices for delivery included for this item only.